1.16 Eco Survival | Season 1 Release Notes | Sat 3PM EST / 8PM GMT


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This is one of the first proper eco survivals to hit Minecraft! This gives you the choice to use lower versions down to 1.8 which will give you visual changes of course, and up to 1.16.1 which is the server version! We do recommend 1.16.1 but we understand that some peoples computers won't work and that some of you will want alts on and console clients aren't out for 1.16 yet! There are many ways to play this as there is no definitive end goal. You choose what you want to do and how you want to continue your gameplay! We will also be utilising relatively long seasons.


We have the newest version of McMMo with new features and optimisations to make your gameplay smooth and fun, also including the old features that really makes McMMo, McMMo!

Chest Shops

We have chest shops on the server which can be set up easily. These chest shops do not use the old method for chest shops, they use a new faster way to create them. To find out how to create them do /warp chest shops when on the server!

Online Server Map

We have done what you asked and added the online server map! This can be accessed through http://vectornetwork.me/map and shows your claims, who's online and even allows you to chat to people! However to chat to people you need to log in / sign up. To sign up there will be instructions when clicking log in.

Auction House

As well as having chest shops, we do know some of you don't like using them hence why we have added the auction house as well as another way to sell items!

Player Warps

We have added player warps as well which can be created with ease by you! To do this you need to do /pwarp set (warpname)!

Spawners Redesigned

We do have spawners in-game, however no one can pick up or place spawners. To get spawners you have to find them around the map, then you are able to do what you like, such as claim and make a grinder!

Buycraft Confirmation

Fed up of people annoying you by purchasing a package for you then charging back? Now we have added /confirm which means you will have to confirm if you want to accept this package. Please note that if you accept it and someone else charges back on it (because they bought it for you) you have agreed that the purchase is your responsibility so you will be banned for it unless solid proof can be found otherwise.


As well as McMMo we do have jobs. These allow you to assign your 'speciality', what you really like doing. You will get paid for doing what you are asked to do. go to /jobs to choose!

Limited Shop

We do have a shop as it is eco survival, however this has limited stuff in, it doesn't have all your decor items. You have to go find them yourself. It is survival after all!

Random Teleport

We do have random teleport so you can go to the wild and start your adventure, to start your adventure do /wild and then thats when the fun begins!

Claiming & PowerCells

Claiming is done differently on here, as its 1.16 we thought we would spice it up a little. This claiming requires a power cell. To see how to craft a power cell do /c recipe. To start making a claim do /c claim where you are standing then it will prompt you to create the power cell recipe in a chest! To create a powercell you need a mixture of iron ingots and diamonds. To fuel your power cell you need diamond, gold, emeralds or iron, you can also use money if you wish. Your power cell allows you to customise who can go into your claims and many other things!


We do have voteparty on here giving you 10m sell booster & 10m XP booster every time it is activated!

Crates & Vouchers

We have changed the way that crates work. With crates such as title crate, armour crate & rank crates, they all give vouchers. Vouchers allow you to trade between players for what you actually want!

And more! Hope to see as many of you as possible there!

-Shep :)