Applying for staff

Jens Arys

New Member
What is your Minecraft Username?: D00M_jens

How old are you?: 18

What makes you stand out from others?: Im good at remembering things, good with speaking to people and talking with them if they have problems and building

What is your timezone?: Belgium - Brussel paris ...

What language(s) do you speak?: dutch english and a little french

How many hours per day can you dedicate to the server?: 10 hours or more

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

Which of the following applications do you have; Discord, Skype, or Team Speak?: Discord skype teamspeak whatsapp facebook instagram twitter snapchat and more

Are you able to record?: Yes i have a recorder

Why are you applying for vectornetwork?: i want to be staff cuz i never been staff before and i wanna show myself of being staff and want to get some knowledge of being staff

Do you have any previous experience, if so list the servers and describe what you did in your position: i made my own server but i never loaded it online cuz i dont wanna spend money on it so i know some plugins and a little how it all works

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?: i applied because i need knowledge and im a good worker so if u ask me something i will do my best and if u explain something then i always remember what u said i dont forget 2 easy



Your Application has been reviewed and sadly we denied your application

here are some tips to increase your chances next time:

1. do not just say i want staff because i have not been staff before
2. increase the time and effort you put into the application
3. try to decrease grammar and punctuation faults
4. increase the overall length of your application

feel free to retry in 2 weeks!