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If you need to report a staff member, you can do so by opening a staff report. Staff reports are reviewed by the Administration Team and are investigated thoroughly.
  1. Post a Thread with the format below [HERE]
  2. Complete answering all the questions in the format.
  3. Submit your report.
  • Do not report staff members out of spite. The term "staff abuse" can be thrown around a lot purely due to a player's anger and no actual "abuse" from the staff member in question.
  • When reporting a staff member, concrete and conclusive evidence is not necessarily required. A member of the Administration Team will review cases independently and do extra investigatory work themselves, such as checking the server logs, though where this cannot be done, evidential proof will need to be presented.
  • Reports that include, or words to the extent of, "this staff member is stupid and needs demoting," are not helpful at all. Calmly explain the situation and provide any appropriate evidence. The Administration Team will review the report and take appropriate action if required. The action taken is at the discretion of the Administration Team.​


What is the name of the staff member you are reporting?

Why are you reporting this staff member?

Provide evidence to back up any claims you make.

For screenshots, use For videos, use
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